As the game of Hockey evolves, goaltenders have to. Like never before Goaltenders have incorporated post integration training and RVH movements into their skill sets.

To further aid in the development of goaltenders “Quik” Innovative Hockey is proud to Introduce to Goalie Pals in North America and around the world, the “Anchorpegs”: A New Era of Net Peg Anchoring Systems Begins.

mega-goaltending MEGA Goaltending is the exclusive Minnesota Dealer of Anchorpegs.

What are Anchorpegs?
ANCHORPEGS – are specifically designed to anchor the net into the ice without moving while goaltenders push & move post to post. The anchor tips drill a 1/2 inch hole into the ice while the threads freeze and grip for a solid anchor.

These pegs are specifically designed to meet the needs of goaltender training.  Pegs are lightweight making it easy for goaltender programs to travel with numerous sets!!

How do the Anchorpegs work?
At the base of the Anchorpeg there are 2 – 3/8″ threaded “Quik Tips” that drill a hole into the ice at a depth of 1/4″ to 3/4″. Once the Anchorpegs “Quik Tips” are in the ice the thread fuses to the ice much like when you stick you tongue on a steel pipe on a cold winters day. ( We’ve all done that before).

A “Quik Tip” freeze makes the Anchorpegs solid and secure giving goalies confidence in a “No Net Movement” practice.

Who are using the Anchorpegs?
Currently, the Anchorpegs are being used by 21 NHL Teams and 19 AHL teams at their practice facilities and when they are on the road. In addition, teams in the NCAA , QMJHL , MHL, NSMMHL , NSMBHL are also anchoring down with the Anchorpegs.

Where are the Anchorpegs made?
“Quik” Innovative Hockey Products located in Halifax Nova Scotia are the Inventors, and Sole Manufacturers of the Anchorpegs.

Regular pegs vs Game Ready "Adjustable" Anchorpegs:
Guardian Anchorpegs:



Anchorpegs Testimonial from Martin Biron (Former NHL Goaltender/ Current TSN Analyst) and John Daigneau (Former Professional Goaltender) Academy of Hockey Goaltender Development Staff

“For years it has been a frustration to get on the ice and not feel like the net has been properly secured down during drills, especially those that require pushing from the post. After multiple failed attempts to keep the nets secured in place we were ready to just accept reality, that there was no solution to our problem out there. After being introduced by Finngoalie to the Quik Anchor Pegs we at the Academy of Hockey believe that there is no better way to ensure the net will not move during drills. Not only does the net remain in place but damage to the ice is minimal where the pegs hold in the ice. If you are looking for an answer to nets constantly being knocked off in practice, Quik Anchor Pegs are just that.”